Captain John F. Sterling

X-Merchant Trader Retired Navy Captain


“A volley of pulse lasers to the surface saves on ammunition”,
“Cycle the Turrets!”
—Captain Sterling

46 y/o

Str: 5
Dex: 8
Endur: 6
Int: 11 +1
Educ: 9 +1
Social: 14 +2

High school skills
Flyer 0
Carouse 0
Electronics 0
Professional Skills
Advocate 1
Broker 1
Vacc Suit 1
Steward 1
Persuade 1
Leadership 1
Astrogation 2
Mechanic 2
- Walker- 1
- Computers – 1
- Remote Operations – 1
- Life Support – 1
- Ortillery – 1
- Small Craft – 2
- StarCraft – 1
Gun Combat
- Energy Weapons – 1
- Naval – 2

Mustering Out
Merchant – (2 rolls, 1 term, 1 rank)
+1 Int (x2)
Navy (8 rolls: 6 terms = 6, rank 5 +3, falsely accused of a crime -1)
credits = 75,000
Education + 1
T.A.S. 1 High Passage Ticket every 2 months –
Weapon: TL 11 Laser Pistol with belt power pack (5k extra paid)
+ 2 Social
+ 2 Social
Pension 12,000 credit per year

Starting Credits-87,000 cr
TL 10 Cloth Armor Casual Wear (500 cr)
TL 10 Computer Weave Cloth Armor (500 cr) (total cost: 14,350)
-eye protection (50 cr)
-Tl 10 Computer Weave (500 cr)
Computer 0
interface/0 (free)
translate/0 (50 cr)
security/0 (free)

Advocate12 (1200 cr)
Steward12 (1200 cr)
Broker12 (1200 cr)
Astrogation12 (1200 cr)
Mechanics12 (1200 cr)
Vacc Suit12 (1200 cr)
life support12 (1200 cr)
Jump Drive12 (1200 cr)
Computers12 (1200 cr)
Remote Operations12 (1200 cr)
Sensors12 (1200 cr)

TL 10 Hostile Environment Vacc Suit (20,000 cr) (total cost: 27,100 cr)
-Medkit with fast drug (5,200 cr)
-eye protection (50 cr)
-magnetic grapples (50 cr)
-Thrusters (2000 cr)

TL 10 Reflec (worn under clothes) (1500 cr)

TL 2 Cutlass (200cr)
TL 8 Body Pistol (500 cr) 10 clips (100 cr)
TL 8 Laser Sight (200 cr) (laser pistol)
TL 7/10 Electronics (2000 cr)
TL 5/10 Mechanical (1000 cr)
TL 10 EM Probe (1000 cr)
TL 9 Light Intensifier Goggles (LI/IR) (1250 cr)
TL 5 Geiger Counter (250 cr)
TL10 Communication Radio with Computer/0 (250 cr)
range: 500 Km (surface to orbit)
- software
security/0 (Free)
Translator/0 (50 cr)

TL10 Mobile Comm with computer/1 (500 cr)
short range
- software
interface/0 (free)
security/0 (Free)
Languages/1 (500 cr)

Survival Gear
TL 10 Breather Mask (2000 cr)

TL 10 Computer/2 (500 cr) (Total cr)
Intrusion/1 (1000cr)
security/1 (200cr)

Data wafers (20) (100 cr)

Neural Comms TL 10 (audio) (1,000 cr)

Total credits spent – 60,700 cr
remain – 26,300 cr


John Ferdinand Sterling was born on Iscandor in the spinward region of the Imperium.

Iskandor is a thriving, very high tech world, many resources, industry and manufacturing. Iskandor has a Class A Starport and a shipyard. Merchants were abundant and Merchant companies flourished.

Early years
John was inspired by the Merchants and learned to fly by 13.
While in middle school John excelled at electronics and used computers, sensors, and remote ops on regular basis. During high school John found himself thriving in the teen social scene and developed social skills that allowed him to carouse easily with others. His friends would line up to go on flights in the family flyer.
While on the local flight deck he would catch a glimpse of the huge shuttles servicing Merchant ships, filling cargo bays and the pockets of Merchants. John would hide in cargo holds of the Shuttles and sneak on board the Far Traders, listening to Merchant Captains broker amazing deals, turning huge profits.

John was overly-confident that he could be a Pilot. He was eager to get his own merchant crew. Against the wishes of John’s Parents, he skipped college and enlisted directly into the Merchants. John was 18 and found himself a crewmember of the Trade Ship, Fortune01.

1st Term
While aboard the Fortune01 John gained the confidence of his fellow crewmen. During a routine delivery, the Ships licensed Pilot became Ill and this illness spread through the crew. John was young and did not gain the illness. This ship was now off schedule and would cost 400k in penalties. John was able to convince the sicked Pilot and Captain to allow him to Pilot the Fortune01. It only took a few hours of training for John to gain the skill needed to Pilot the ship (Pilot 1 via contact rule). While unlicensed John piloted the Fortune01 from jump point into space dock. During the debriefing, a rival trade company demanded an investigation. The investigation concluded that the Captain and crew had broken major laws and all were facing serious prison times. However, The Captain hired a young Lawyer, Mr. TJ CHARACTER. The Lawyer was able to sway the Court and removed the Prison sentence from the table, but the cost of the Lawyer and agreed suspensions caused the Fortune01 to go bankrupt.

Term 2
After being dismissed from the Fortune01 John found himself at a loss. His dreams of being a Trade Captain and filling his pockets with easy profits gone. His desire to Pilot a space craft not satisfied he took a long shot and Enlisted in the Navy. Against the odds John got in and made rank! However with this new rank, John was assigned to Maintenance Department (Mechanic 1)! John’s job was to repair kitchen equipment! John was far from the bridge, far from being a Pilot. Very upset with this John would sneak into the cargo hold and climb into the small craft and fly around the hanger to improve his skills. However he was falsely accused of flying the small craft outside of the ship, John admitted to flying inside the hanger and later found innocent of the false accusations. However John had to forfeit his salary for that year!
Once Again, his piloting leads him to financial consequences!

Term 3
After the disciplinary actions he faced in the First term he found himself less driven to Pilot spacecraft. He was assigned to operate and service electronics equipment. He became rather proficient with sensors and computers. However, all ships in the sector were ordered to join in the Planetary Bombardment of a key supply planet! While in Jump space and All crew were trained in combat roles. John was assigned to Gunnery Training and became proficient in Ortillery-1. The Conway join the planetary bombardment campaign, John did exceptionally well with Pulse Turrets. During this War time he ranked up and gained commission. He developed some Leadership skills while collaborating with other Gunners.

Term 4
During this term John found himself in the seat of a fighter craft and was leading a squadron into a dogfight. During this intense encounter several fighter craft were destroyed and many lives were lost. Johns Wing-Man, Lt. Ed Becker accused him of shooting down 1 of the fellow craft. After an intense investigation, it was discovered that Lt. Ed Becker, not John Sterling, was the Pilot that was to blame for the friendly fire. From that Instance Lt. Ed Becker was removed from flight status and became a long lasting Enemy of John Sterling. Lt. Ed Becker was released from the Navy after a court marshal and Lt. Ed Becker has sent threatening emails ever since.
Enemy – Lt. Ed Becker

Term 5
John’s abilities as a fighter pilot and squad leader kept him in this role. During a squadron exercise, somehow the fighter craft were loaded with live ammunition instead of training weapons. This lead to destruction of several fighters and injuries to some of John’s squad. John was blamed for these accidents. John was able to use his computer skills to go through computer logs, and discovered that that Crewman Jarvis Blaze was to be blamed, he loaded real weapon units onboard the fighters and did not properly install the training weapons. Jarvis Blaze was kicked out of the Navy. Weeks later during R&R Jarvis Blaze started a fight with John and have been enemies ever since.
Enemy – Jarvis Blaze
John now had 2 enemies and decided that he need to start packing some protection. While on R&R he found a Self Defense Class being taught by ANNA’s Characater. This class taught the usage of guns and self defense. John became proficient with Energy Weapons, and started packing a Laser Pistol that he later mustered out with.

Term 6
After all the troubles John found while being a Fighter pilot his superiors wanted to move him out of the hot seat and into something more out of focus. John was a assigned to Starship Astrogation section on the Imperial Naval Ship Conway. While on the Conway John developed the ability to plot Jump formulas. During a Jump Calculation his colleague, Lt. Edward Marco, messed up the formula, and John caught the mistake and reworked the Calculations and avoided a Mis-Jump. John pulled ranked and ordered his colleague to report his superior calculations to the ships captain. This lead to guaranteed promotion to Commander and greased the wheels for Captain.
Lt. Marco’s mistake that led to John Sterling’s promotion.

Term 7
John became very good at Calculating Jumps and assigned Head of Astrogation aboard the Conway. Therefore John found himself in the engineering section and picked up on a few more skills. Suddenly the Alert was sounded! The Conway was ambushed. The primitive ambushers quickly docked with the Conway and were boarding. The attackers outnumbered the Conway crew nearly 3:1, hopelessness fell over the crew of the Conway. The Captain was preparing to surrender and John was quick to discuss a plan with fellow officers in Engineering. John was able to manipulate the Life Support system and shut off vital oxygen to the boarders. In addition John turned off the Gravity on the ship. The boarders were forced to wear primitive Vacc suits and fight in Zero G environment. John and a handful of marines suited up in Hostile Environment Vacc Suits and were able to mount an assault against the boarders. The flimsy vacc suits were no match for the HE Vacc suits. The use of the life support systems and HE Vacc suits was the edge needed to lead to Victory. John was Promoted to Captain for his quick thinking and bravery.
HE Vacc Suit “Dragoon Suit” (John did not muster out with this but bought one very similar)

John enjoyed the last yaer of the Term as Captain of the Conway. John reflected on his Naval Career and concluded that he had dodged wrongful accusations, been falsely blamed for accidents, and survived 2 combats that was enough for him to decide to retire. He retired, mustered out, grabbed his pension, and used his TAS to travel. After a few weeks of R&R he received an Email and John to meet up with long ago friend TJ Character that was recruiting a Pilot for his Space Ship.

Captain John F. Sterling

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