Finbar Quinlan Fitzpatrick

Space Gibbs

Admin0Gunner 0Pilot ()
Advocate Gunner – Turret1Pilot ()
Animals ()Gun Combat 0Profession ()
Athletics ()Gun Combat – Slug2Recon 1
Art ()Gun Combat ()Remote Operations
Astrogation Heavy Weapons ()1Science ()
Broker Heavy Weapons ()Science ()
Carouse 0Investigate 1Science ()
Deception 1Jack of all TradesSeafarer ()
DiplomatLanguage ()Seafarer ()
Drive ()1Language ()Stealth 1
Drive ()Leadership 2Steward
Electronics ()1Mechanic 0Streetwise 1
Engineer Medic 1Survival 1
Explosives Melee (Blade)2Tactics ()0
Flyer 1Melee (Unarmed)1Tactics – Military1
Flyer Navigation Vacc Suit 2
Gambler Persuade
Funds Available1950
Game DateNumberItemDetailsCreditsDebitsNotes
PregameWeapon FundsBlade1000
Weapon FundsSlug1000
Armor Funds10000
Exit Funds35000
Cloth Armor500
Smart Fabric1000
Chameleon IR5000
Magnetic Grappels100
Computer weave Comp 11000
PRIS – Binoculars3500
Body Pistol500
Laser Sight200
50BP Clips300500
Gauss Rifle1500
Laser Sight200
Secure Weapon250
Intelligent Weapon1000Computer 0
40GR Clips32001600
Mobile Com500Computer 1
Med Kit TL 101500DM + 1 on First Aid
Breathing Mask2000TL 10
Mechincail Kit1000TL 10
5Drug: Anti-rad5000
2Drug: Fast Drug400
4Drug: Panaceas800
2Drug: Combat2000
Cloth ArmorTL 10 Protection 8500
Smart Fabric1000
Computer Tl 10 – Comp 2500
Program: 1 Translator TL 10500
Database: Electronics – Comms1200
Database: Electronics – Remote Ops1200
Database: Electronics – Computers1200
Database: Pilot – Small Craft1200
Database: Recon1200
Database: Persuade1200
Database: Perfrom Celtic Instraments1200

Finbar Quinlan FitzPatrick’s early life working part time at a repair shop taught him Carousing 0, Mechanics 0 and Administration 0

Finbar Quinlan FitzPatrick entered into service with the Global Security Agency. His basic training covered many things and he trained hard (Drive 1, Flyer 1, Gun Combat 1, Investigate 1, Recon 1, Streetwise 1).

He was a rising star, or so he thought, when his investigations lead to some concerns about the loyalty of some key executives in the organization. Before he realized what had happened, he was investigated and convicted of minor crimes.
He spent 4 years in prison doing his time and keeping his head down (Deception 1). He learned a few hard lessons in prison (Melee – Unarmed 1). While he never allowed himself to become a Thug or a Fixer he did managed to develop a contact (Contact – Jeb KilPatrick) with one of the crime syndicates.

When his time was done, to his relief, the GSA discovered who had falsely imprisoned and Finbar was exonerated. Finbar developed the habit of carrying a blade with specific markings from the syndicate who gave him refuge in prison. (Weapon – Blade)

Marine 1 – Seeking off world transport, and perhaps to see more of the verse, he enlisted in the Marines – Ground Assault. After Basic Training (Heavy Weapons & Melee –Blade 1) his heroic work in the field caught the eye of his commanding officer and allowed him to gain a commission of Lieutenant. (Commission, Rank 1, & Leadership 1)

Marine 2 – Clearly Lieutenant FitzParrick had found a place with the Space Marines. He signed up for a second tour, during which he was trained in Electronics 1 and became trapped behind enemy lines. He wreaked havoc on the battle field (Survival 1), which lead to a promotion to Captain (Rank 2).

Marine 3 – The Captain’s reputation in the field was so renowned that he was required to stay in the Marines (Rolled 12). He decided to build up his endurance (END +1). His third tour saw him as part of an assault on an Enemy Fortress (Leadership 2). His heroism and focus where noted (Force Commander) and his skills at military tactics (Tactics 1) was validated. Again, he was promoted and required to stay (Rolled 12). He was also stationed on a research facility where he taught the Scientist (### SEAN #####) how to drive and learned to utilize Space suits more effectively (Vacc Suit 2).

Marine 4 – Force Commander FitzParrick. During this tour he again became trapped behind enemy lines. He picked up an Army Lieutenant Colonel, Omar Watts, and they wreaked havoc on the battle field (Stealth 1). Omar and Finbar formed a solid friendship and taught each other some skills (Melee Blade 2).

After four tours it was time to move on. 35000 Credits, Armor. 2 Weapons.
When he mustered out, they allowed him to keep or rather the Quarter Master misplaced Force Commander FitzParrick’s Gilly Suit (Armor) and his Shillelagh (Weapon). (Second Weapon converted to Gun Combat 2)

Gilly Suit – Armor.

The needs of a Ground Marine Sniper require a balance of Data, Protection, and Stealth. To best achieve this, the unit developed a suit focused on stealth over protection and rich in data. The suit has a foundation of Reflective armor covered in Smart Cloth Armor with reinforced padded knees and elbows. Magnetic grapple pads are also fitted into the palm, elbows, knees, toes and feet of the suit.

The Helmet has an integrated PRIS Binoculars allow the sniper to review wide bands of spectrum to assess necessary adjustments to assure a kill shot. Over this a Gilly Shroud Cloak is worn to break up the outline of the soldier. The suit also has the properties of being Chameleon to IR and self-sealing to provide better stealth and rugged durability. It is said that a one click hike is all that is needed for the snipers to disappear. This is because the smart cloth’s dirt aversion capability is set to reverse and a few bits of flora ripped through and sealed into the shroud allows the sniper to develop localized camouflage for every environment.

Once in place, the sniper simply becomes part of the environment lost in the background. The onboard computer helps the sniper assess ranges, patterns and augment their battlefield awareness. It also has a sentinel mode to allow the soldier to sleep while the system watches over them, guarding against ambushes or nearing patrols.

McGowan k12 – Gauss Rifle (Shillelagh)

The McGowan K12 is designed as the got to ground Marine weapon. While energy weapons are becoming the fashion, the Gauss Rifle provides a range of options (Auto 3), solid penetration (AP5) and 600 M Range. The weapon is fitted with integrated Suppressors, CPU assisted ranging (Intelligent weapon), a Laser sight for close quarters work and it is secured to the solider. Overall it is a solid Marine weapon.

0-100 DM+2 (Sort Range + Laser Sight)
101 – 150 DM +1 (Short Range)
151 – 600 DM 0
601-1200 DM 2 (long Range)
1201-2400 DM-4 (Extreme)


Jeb KilPatrick – Celtic Syndicate
Finbar’s time in prison grounded him in is ethic heritage. The Celtic diaspora spread to the stars. All seeking a better life while keeping the culture strong. With them came the syndicates focused on making money and trusting heritage to form bonds. Jeb sheltered Finbar as he could. In return Finbar kept in contact with the syndicate.

Though not willing to deeply get in the business of the syndicate, he always finds the Irish Pub and enjoys a night or two swapping stories, watching the local entertainment, eating the food, and perhaps handing off a data chip. Finbar’s military service kept him planet hopping and above suspicion. After all, he was just at the pub for some good home cooking.

Finbar Quinlan Fitzpatrick

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