Lt. Ivan Liu

EDU 12
Skill Level Specialty (if applicable)
Animals 0
Athletics 0
Art 0
Astrogation 1
Diplomat 1
Drive 1 Wheel
Drive 0
Electronics 1 Comms
Electronics 1 Sensors
Electronics 0
Engineer 1 Jump
Engineer 1 Power Plant
Engineer 0
Explosives 1
Flyer 0
Gun Combat 1 Energy (+1 DM skill augmentation)
Gun Combat 1 Slug (+1 DM skill augmentation)
Gun Combat 0 (+1 DM skill augmentation)
Investigate 1
Language 1 Dryone
Language 0
Language 0
Mechanic 0
Medic 1
Melee 1 Unarmed
Melee 0
Science 1 Linguistics
Science 1 Archaeology
Science 0
Stealth 1
Survival 0
Vaccsuit 2

Mustering Out of Scholar Career (Term 3)

  • Social + 1
  • Scientific Equipment (Scientific Tool Kit)
  • 2 Shipshares (Research vessel)

Mustering Out of Law Enforcement Career (Term 7)

  • Combat Implant(2x): Level 2 Subdermal Armor
  • Combat Implant(1x):skill Augmentation: Gun Combat
  • Accumulation of 60,000 Credits: (25k+25k+10k)


Starting Cr: 60 KCr

Armor Cost Tech Level Weight Protection offered
Level 2: Subdermal Armor (Muster Out Bennifit) TL: 11 0 Kg +3 (at all times)
Smart Cloth Armor with Magnetic Grapples 1600 Cr TL 10 5 Units +8
Weapons Cost Tech Level Rounds
Lazar Pistols (x2) 4000 Cr TL: 9 100 rounds each
Power Packs (x4) 4000 Cr 400 shots Total
Explosives: Plastic (x4) 800 Cr
Explosives: TDX (x2) 2000 Cr
Add Ons for Lazar Pistols Cost Tech Level
Level 2 Lazar sites (x2) 400 Cr TL: 10
Secure Weapons (x2) 500 Cr TL: 10
Tool Kits Cost Tech Level Weight
Electronics Kit 2000 Cr TL: 7 2 Kg
Mechanical Kit 1000 Cr TL: 5 12 Kg
Forensics Kit 2000 Cr TL: 8 12 Kg
Scientific Toolkit Musterout Bennifits TL: 5 8 Kg
Sensors Cost Tech Level Weight
Binoculars 750 Cr TL: 8 1 Kg
Geiger Counter 250 Cr TL: 5 2 Kg
Level 2 LI goggles 1250 Cr TL: 9 0 Kg
Medical Supplies Cost Tech Level Weight
Medkit 1500 Cr TL: 10 1 Kg
Anti-Rad Dose (x2) 2000 Cr TL: 8 0 Kg
Fast Drug Dose (x4) 800 Cr TL: 10 0 Kg
Electronic (Comm) Equipment Cost Tech Level Weight
Radio Transceiver 250 Cr TL:10 0 Kg
Comm Dots (x10) 100 Cr TL: 10 0 Kg
Mobile Comm 500 Cr TL: 10 0 Kg
Level 2 Portable Computer 500 Cr TL: 10 0.5 Kg
Computer Add On Cost Tech Level
Data Wafer 5 Cr TL: 10
Comms 0 Cr TL: 8
Security 1 200 Cr
Translator 1 500 Cr
Data Bases????
Survival Gear Total Cost
Environment Suit 500 Cr TL: 8 1 Kg
Level 2: Breather Mask 2000 Cr TL: 10
Level 2: Tent with Climate Control 2500 Cr TL: 10 5 KG
Hostile Environment Vacc Suit** 20000 Cr TL:10 13 Kg

** H.E.V.S. adds +9 protection, and handles 90 RAD.

Leftover Cr: 7,095 Cr




Ivan Liu grew up on a planet previously belonging to an ancient race of aliens. He enjoyed playing among the ruins and learning about the cultures that once called his planet home. He was a bright child and knew that a life of the academic was for him. A well rounded child he had varied interests in the electives that were offered to him through his schooling. When he turned 18 he was accepted to one of the biggest Colleges in the sector.

(Learned: Animals 0, Art 0, Mechanic 0, Athletics 0, survival 0.)

In College

Ivan studied his passions of archaeology and Languages, along with many courses in Engineering. His hobby at this time was learning how to use explosives for archaeological digs. Though difficult, Ivan Graduated in four years and went on to persue his life as an academic.

(Learned: Language 0, Engineering 1, EDU 1, Explosive 0. Upon Graduation: Language 1, Engineering 2, EDU2, Scholar +1)

Scholar to Field Scientist

Ivan’s first job was securing the permits for the digs that he was being assigned. Due to the lack of work done by his predecessor, he had to untangle the web of paperwork left to obtain the appropriate permissions. He worked with the people in the permits office and slowly became known for being pretty good with people.

(Learned: Drive 0, Electronics 0, Diplomat 0, medic 0, investigate 0, science 0, Diplomat 1, Science 1)

*Field Scientist to Nothing

Ivan was being heavily pressured at work, because the digs he was supervising were not going very well. While his main dig was supposed to be on a break, his students took it upon themselves to continue unsupervised. They of course weren’t his most patient students, and they felt that this most sensitive portion of the dig would be greatly advanced by the use of plastic explosive. Ivan had yet to move the explosive to another dig site where it could be used effectively, due to transportation issues.

Not only did these students absolutely obliterate the site they were supposed to be carefully excavating, but two of them lost digits and one lost a limb. Even though the accident was the victims own fault, the uproar from parents required that the school terminate Ivan’s employment. They did, however, give him what he had earned up till that point as a severance package.

(Learned: Electronics 1. Muster out: Scholar (see above))

Nothing To Local LEO

Ivan did not adjust well to his new circumstances at first. He was angry and frustrated. But more than that, he needed new employment. When word came back to him that Law enforcement was hiring people who spoke more than one language, he hesitantly applied. With his ability to understand cultural differences he found that being a law enforcement officer was a calling he didn’t know he had. He quickly scaled the ranks from Rookie to Corporal.

_(Learned: Gun Combat 0, Streetwise 1.)

Corporal to Sargent

Ivan began to help with undercover operations in a moon to moon smuggling operation. Being his first mission, he was unfortunately found out and injured in his back before escaping. It took a long time to heal, but once it did he found that he could not lift as much as he used to. However, due to his intelligence form the sting, he was given an advancement.

(Learned: Vacc Suit 1. Event: -2 to strength)

Sargent to Detective

Ivan was making himself known in the force by this time. On a hostile moon, another undercover operation ended with the apprehensions of all guilty parties due to his evidence. Even though he was getting older, he was still a highly respected officer. He was now being assigned his own cases.

(Learned: Vacc Suit 2. Stealth 1)

Detective to Lt.

Under his supervision, Ivan was known for closing cases. He was also not afraid to get his hands dirty. However, he was getting older and decided that it was time to retire. He’s currently looking for his next adventure!

(Learned: Melee 0, Explosives 1, investigate 1. MusterOut: See above.)


Sean’s Character: Ivan owns two ship shares of the Research Ship

Will’s Character: Ivan and Will’s characters met up on a moon somewhere and taught each other shooting and Flying.