Landing on Strand

The Planet Strand

Captain Thite, captain of the Osiris

Athyn Sonnet, discredited archeologist and prostitute

Edwald Rodge, CEO of I&R, Inc.

Synopsis of the first session:

Maximilian was invited to be a celebrity guest for this year’s Green Day Celebration.

Upon arrival and checking out what the planet had to offer, it was noticed that Captain Thite had more money than he should and was in danger of losing his apparently lucrative contract with I&R, Inc. to deliver supplies to the prison planet Sagal.

Athyn Sonnet, an old acquaintance of both Edkur and Ivan told them she had finally tracked down a lead on the ancient extinct race of Xel’Naga to the planet Sagal and was trying to get there. She is willing to become the ship’s steward so she can quit prostituting and get back to Stellar Archeology fulltime.

The Celtic Syndicate would be interested in taking over Captain Thite’s trade route if the opportunity presented itself.

Captain Thite has 5 more days before he has to jump to not renege on his contract and the Green Day Celebration starts tomorrow.

Landing on Strand

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