Lieutenant Colonel Omar Watts



38 y/o

END 12
EDU 10
Skill Level Specialty (if applicable)
Athletics 1 DEX
Athletics 1 STR
Carouse 0
Deception 0
Drive 1 Wheel
Electronics 0
Engineer 1 M-drive
Explosives 2
Flyer 0
Gun Combat 1 Energy
Gun Combat 1 Slug
Heavy Weapons 2 Man Portable
Leadership 1
Mechanic 1
Medic 1
Melee 2 Bladed
Recon 2
Science 0
Stealth 1
Survival 0
Tactics 1 Military
Vacc 1

Mustering Out

  • EDU + 1
  • Armor x2
  • Combat Implant (Subdermal Armor TL 10)
  • Cr 10K + 20K


Starting Cr: 30K

Armor Total Cost Added Options
HEV Suit TL 11 (from Benefits) Free (can’t go above 25K) Added with cash mag boots and TL 9 Thruster Pack (Spent Cr 2100)
Cloth TL 10 600 mag boots
Mesh (in long coat) 150 Coat with a little added protection
Flak Jacket 300 Standard ditch equipment
Reflec pajamas 1500
Weapon Total Cost Added Options
Cutlass (Officer sword) 200
Blade (Army knife) 100
Body Pistol 1030 Laser sight (TL 10), Scope (TL 7), Suppressor, Mag x3
Machinegun 2500 Laser sight (TL 10), Scope (TL 7), Secure weapon, Mag x5
Rocket Launcher (TL 9) 3250 (already has scope/smart), Laser sight (TL 10), Secure weapon, Mag x1
Laser Rifle 5500 Laser sight (TL 10), Scope (TL 7), Secure weapon, Mag x1
Frag x2 60 It explodes
Smoke 15 Gives a nice smokey taste
Aerosol 15 colloidal suspension of particles dispersed in a gas
Plastic Explosive x2 400 Also makes a nice campfire
Med Equipment Total Cost
Med Kit TL 10 1500
Fast Drug x2 400
Stims x2 100
Anti-rad 1000
Sensors Total Cost
Binoculars TL 8 750
Geiger Counter 250
LI goggles TL 9 1250
EM Probe 1000
Comm Equipment Total Cost
Radio Transceiver TL 10 250
Commdot 10
Mobile comm? Armor computer as comm?
Computer Equipment Total Cost
Computer/2 TL 10 500 Laptop
Data wafer x20 100
Translator/1 500 For armor; can I buy with armor benefit funds?
Security/1 200 For armor; can I buy with armor benefit funds?
Survival Gear Total Cost
Environment Suit 500
Breather Mask TL 10 2000
Rescue Bubble 600

Leftover Cr: 1,370


Pre 18

Omar grew up on a planet that had been recently colonized. The planet was a size 7 so its gravity was less than a normal human is usually exposed to. Easily bored (and not the brightest individual) Omar would carouse his way into almost illicit activities. For instance, drinking a trader under the table so Omar could borrow the trader’s flyer for a joy ride. He always picked his targets carefully. He did not want to have a malfunction with some equipment he was not familiar with and be stuck for too long. He could easily memorize the inner workings of machines but the initial figuring out how they worked was always rough. Bored with the drudgery of setting up a colony and having to find his own fun, Omar decided to leave the planet and head off to the Army Military Academy.

Military Academy

Omar successfully entered the military academy and learned all of the basic skills needed to survive a term in the Army. Omar chose the Support branch of the Army. He felt the Support branch would allow him to use his natural talents and expand into areas that would make him a well rounded soldier/leader (Need to expand on reasons for the support branch). Omar joined a political movement (not sure which yet) but was quickly bored when he realized everyone settled their differences through verbal discourse. It’s not that Omar is a particularly violent person (ok, well maybe); He just didn’t see many results happen after a debate. Not only did Omar successfully graduate from the Army Military academy (EDU + 1), he earned his commission right out of the academy. Starting out as a Lieutenant with the necessary skills to effectively use his leadership position (Leadership 1), Omar looked forward to seeing what he could accomplish in the military.

Army Term 1

Omar’s first term in the Army was fairly boring. The Army felt it was necessary to review all of what Omar learned in the military academy. This let Omar focus on advancing in his commission up to Captain. Omar was assigned to an advanced training course but the teacher and Omar had a difference of opinions on how to go about learning the subject matter. As a result, Omar learned nothing useful. Thanks to the stress from the class, Omar went off on one of the soldiers in his unit due to the Private’s less than useless talking. He forces the Private to carry around a potted plant to ‘make up for the oxygen he is wasting.’

Army Term 2

Omar was assigned to an urbanized planet torn by war. To help supply chains move through the cities and to remove the deadly choke points often utilized by the enemy battle groups, Omar learned how to effectively use explosives to remove these obstacles. Practicing stealth also helped Omar place the charges with little danger to himself. He became intimately familiar with stealth technology to help him get the upper hand.

Army Term 3

(Need to finalize this part with David’s char)
This was a rough term for Omar. Most of his unit got wiped out which forced Omar to learn the basics of his Medic’s role. As the war raged on, Omar’s battle group met up with the Marines. Needing to change the tide of the war, Finbar Fitzpatrick and Omar spent roughly a month sneaking through the sewers of the enemies capital city placing explosives in strategic areas. Finbar showed Omar the basics of electronic equipment mainly to boost the range of the remote detonators. Going through several layers of concrete and metal tends to muck up the signals needed to detonate explosives.

As the enemy was celebrating the ‘strategic falling back’ of the Army/Marine forces, the enemy’s Citadel fell into a ball of inferno. The morale of the enemy drastically dropped allowing the Army/Marines forces to make a come back.

Due to his actions, Omar was promoted to Major and was formally trained in ground tactics. Omar gave a glowing recommendation to Finbar which helped Finbar to become a commissioned officer.

Army Term 4

Thanks to the infinite wisdom of the upper brass, Omar was sent with a platoon to ‘easily’ claim a plain for the empire. Of course, nothing went as planned. Upon arrival to the drop point, Omar’s platoon soon discovered they were heavily outnumbered. Hunkering down until reinforcements could arrive, Omar was able to hold off the enemy forces with the supply of explosives they brought. After calling out his superiors’ idiocy (in neither a subtle nor elegant manner), the next level up saw merit to Omar’s arguments and promoted him to Lieutenant Colonel (the same level as the &^%^$%&ers).

(Need to finalize this part with TJ’s char)
Growing weary of combat, Omar tried to branch out into other areas. Thanks to his rank, he was able to attend a high class ‘party’ (as Omar calls it) when Omar’s commanding officer had to decline at the last minute. During the evening’s normal pleasantries, (TJ’s char) challenged (or was challenged) to a duel. After an open call for someone to be (TJ’s char)‘s second, Omar immediately volunteered. Omar had become bored with all the psuedo-pleasantries of the party anyway. The weapon of choices chosen for the duel was rapiers. Stifling a laugh at (TJ’s char)‘s inability to properly wield a melee weapon of any sort, Omar taught (TJ’s char) enough to not only survive the duel but look good doing it. During his time with (TJ’s char), Omar learned some handy verbal deflections from (TJ’s char). Blunt and to the point had not always helped Omar in the past.

Feeling the effects of old age, Omar decided to leave the Army and do some exploring before he became crippled. While his doctor said he was in perfect health for someone his age, Omar wanted to leave the Army before it would be the only thing he would have done for his life.

Getting to current day

Shortly after advertising his abilities as a bodyguard, (TJ’s char) contacted Omar saying he needed some muscle for an expedition he is preparing for. Omar quickly suggested Finbar to aid him in that department. Realizing that being on a ship for months at a time and not having at least several engineers on hand like he is accustomed to in the Army, Omar familiarized himself with the basics of the engineering of spacecraft and the routine maintenance and repair of equipment commonly needed on space endeavors.

Lieutenant Colonel Omar Watts

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